Intercept X End-to-Endpoint Protection

GSS Technology Securing your Business & Getting "IT" Done

Experts agree. Intercept X Advanced consistently rates at the top of independent tests and analyst reports for endpoint protection.


By combining cutting-edge technologies, such as deep learning and endpoint detection and response, Intercept X delivers unmatched protection against unknown malware, exploits, and ransomware.

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Ransomware Protection

ntercept X stopped every complex, advanced attack we threw at it.”

CryptoGuard in Intercept X is the world's best ransomware protection. It uses behavioral analysis to stop never-before-seen ransomware and boot-record attacks, making it the most advanced anti-ransomware technology available.

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Exploit Prevention 

Our Pro-Active Approach in Protecting your Company

Intercept X denies attackers by blocking the exploits and techniques used to distribute malware, steal credentials, and escape detection. This allows Sophos to ward off evasive hackers and zero-day attacks in your network.

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Intelligent Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Built-in expertise to help you answer the tough questions about security incidents

Start with the strongest protection: Consolidate protection and EDR into a single solution


Add expertise, not headcount: Built-in machine learning and threat intelligence from SophosLabs


Guided incident response: Understand your security posture and respond with the click of a button


With Intercept X Advanced with EDR organizations can now understand the scope and impact of security incidents, detect attacks that may have gone unnoticed, analyze files to determine if they are a threat, and confidently report on their organization’s security posture at any given moment.

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Managed Detection and Response

GSS Technology's Managed Threat Response (MTR) Service offers 24/7 threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by an expert team as a fully-managed service. With Sophos MTR, your organization is backed by an elite team of threat hunters and response experts who take targeted actions on your behalf to neutralize even the most sophisticated threats.

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